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Fresh America Red Cedar Set Value Pack (66/132/198 Items)

Fresh America Red Cedar Set Value Pack (66/132/198 Items)

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tem Number : VLCE60
Item Name : Cedar Accessories
Description :
  • 66 items¬†Include: hang ups X 6, rings X 12, square blocks X 30, sachets X 6, Flat blocks X 12¬†
  • 132¬†items¬†Include: hang ups X 12, rings X 24, square blocks X 60, sachets X 12, Flat blocks X 24¬†
  • 198¬†items¬†Include: hang ups X 18, rings X 36, square blocks X 90, sachets X 18, Flat blocks X 36¬†

  • Safely repels clothing moths and mustiness for better clothing storage and protection
  • Place in drawers, storage bins, boxes, and bags with clean linens and clothing
  • 100% aromatic U.S. eastern red cedar
  • LASTING CEDAR SCENT: The fresh red cedar scent is long lasting which assured that the scent is powerful to those unwanted guests!

Cedar Blocks for clothes storage, Cedar Hang Ups, Cedar Planks, Cedar Rings and Cedar Balls have been trusted to freshen and protect clothes for centuries. These Cedar Blocks, Planks and Balls are 100% natural red cedar wood sourced from North America and made without any added chemicals. Its pleasant fragrance penetrates garments and fabrics, keeping mustiness from drawers, wardrobes and storage units.

The original scent of red cedar is light and lasting so you may only smell the fragrance when placed under your nose but be assured that the scent is powerful to any unwanted guests!

FOR BEST RESULTS: To protect against unwanted guests and mustiness always clean and dry garments thoroughly before extended storage. Place one cedar ball in the pocket of each stored garment when hanging, or between alternate layers of clothing where folded. Place cedar balls cedar rings or cedar hangups in drawers or between clothes to contain the cedar scent. Place cedar rings on hangars to help prevent them from landing on clothes.

Replace cedar every 6-12 months or restore fresh scent simply by rubbing with a fine grade of sandpaper.

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